Thursday, March 4, 2010

A few months back...

I went to Alabama to visit Elena's family. Lovely drive. Caught a spot of freezing fog in Kansas on the way down. That stuff is just confusing.

And I took a timelapse of the trip from Tuscaloosa, AL to Steamboat Springs, CO. My Dad and Stepmom have a place out in Steamboat. That and all the family in Denver made this an ideal holiday trip.

You can't really catch it in the video below, but the folks in Tulsa in charge of plowing need to pay a little more attention to staying in their lanes. I'd be driving along, and suddenly, just up ahead, my lane was filled with snow. Had to make a quick lane change and then was wary when, 100ft down the road, apparently the plower noticed the mistake and got back in the lane. Happened about a dozen times in the greater Tulsa area. It was nerve-racking 9 hours into the trip.


A fine drive from Alabama to Colorado: Timelapse from Dan Neidecker on Vimeo.