Thursday, September 17, 2009

Denver to Seattle with love

So, I did this trip to Denver for a wedding.

And it was fun. Nice to be back, see the folks, friends, city, whatnot.
While I was out there, I picked up a tripod to shoot the wedding video. I also brought along my little canon camera that I loaded this alternative firmware on in the spring to shoot a timelapse of a mural painting.

It got me to thinking that it could be pretty cool to shoot a timelapse of my drive. What better road journal than that? Well, it an arguable point, but it's still kind of nifty that the technology to do something like taking 18,000 photos over a regular interval of 6 seconds on a cheap camera running on AA batteries is entirely feasible.

Yeah, it's about ten minutes long, which people have told me makes it both too long and too short. It's something like 21 hours of drive time. I had fun.

Here's the mural one, which was a cool project through a local art's program called LINK. The program gives HS students a weekend activity and the chance at scholarships for continuing education in artistic fields. This was the final weekend of last school year.


Cait said...

very very cool road trip video! miss you, kiddo.


Rachel Q. said...

Awesome road trip video! I get sad when the land gets flat. Great idea.